Music Folk Concert Series-2009

The Music Folk Concert Series started this year with Auset (she celebrated her birthday the same night and we promise we’ll have you back when it’s warm), Dan Wiethop, an amazing Autoharp player and entertainer. Music Folk’s Open Mic Night (we don’t have a mic), Caravelle and Prairie Soul, Matthew Von Doran (our first all electric modern jazz concert) Ottoman Underground (love those yiddish songs) and Ryan Spearman.

So check back often, we will update photos through out the year.

From top: Auset, Dan Wiethop, Music Folk Concert Series “Open Mic Night”, Caravelle, Prairie Soul, Matthew Von Doran, Ottoman Underground, Ryan Spearman, Colin Blair w/ Banjo Billy Mathews, Salt of the Earth, Lyal Strickland, The Mississippi Sawyers, Ian Fisher and Molly Irene.

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