Strange Sightings!

Strange Sightings


Sometimes some very interesting instruments come through the store. Instruments in for repair, instruments that have their owners stumped, instruments that feature some new wrinkle that a customer has come up with. Occasionally we’ve had our wits about us enough to take some photos…

Old Traveler’s Banjo

travellerbanjo16s travellerbanjo18s travellerbanjo19s travellerbanjo20s

Fiddle with Unusual Carved Peghead

fiddlehead7s-copy fiddlehead7s fiddlehead8s-copy fiddlehead8s fiddlehead11s fiddlehead12s fiddlehead13s fiddlehead14s


6 String Banjo with Quick-string Tuning Machines

The Waybro

Washburn Lyre guitar

Turturro ukulele

Resophonic Biscuit

Banjo Gizmos

Open Back Banjo

Button Accordion Horn

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