Friends Of Old Time Jam Tune List

Here is a list of tunes used during our Old Time Jams.  Not all of these are played each week and songs not on this list can also be played as well. Thanks to Ray Gude for supplying the list. The list is divided by key, G, D, A and C.

Songs in the key of G: Shoes and Stockings, Jimmy in the Swamp, All Simms, Small Coals for Nailers, Lost Girl, Benny ate a Woodchuck, Old Fort Smith, Peeler Creek Waltz, Tom Bigbee Waltz, Shilo, Stoney Point, Chase the Banshee, Shove that Pig’s Foot, Seneca Square Dance

Songs in the key of D: Julianne Johnson, Angeline the Baker, Soldier’s Joy, St. Anne’s Reel, Mississippi Sawyer, West Fork Gals, Liberty, Fly Around my Pretty Little Miss, Whiskey Before Breakfast, Star of Bethlehem, Cowboy’s Dream, Lost Indian, Eighth of January, Forked Deer, Chinese Breakdown, Bonaparte’s Retreat, Grasshopper Sitting on a Sweet Potato Vine, Sweet Dixie, Yellow Rose of Texas, Martha Campbell, Sara Armstrong’s Tune, Rachel, Eminence Breakdown

Songs in the key of A: Cluck Old Hen, Cousin Sally Brown, Grub Springs, Half Past Four, Wolves A’Howling, Goodbye Girls I’m Going to Boston, Tomahawk, Cherokee Shuffle, Salt River Reel, June Apple, Horse and Buggy O, Greasy Coat, Cold Frosty Morning, Kitchen Girl, Sandy Boys

Songs in the key of C: New Lamb, Billy in the Low Ground, Black River, Cherokee Trail