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Aaron Shearer Learning the Classic Guitar Part Three


Aaron Shearer Learning the Classic Guitar Part Three

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Part three teaches the student to form clear and accurate concepts of music expression. It also teaches the guitarist how to perform in public with accuracy and confidence. The book is filled with carefully graded original exercises and pieces. Written in standard notation only. Includes access to online audio that follows examples in the book.

Aaron Shearer Learning the Classic Guitar Part 3

Introduction 2
Approaching Expressive Interpretation 4
The Expressive Musician 5
Expression and Technique 6
Regarding Early Music 7
The Basis of Expressive Playing:Enhancing and Creating Musical Contrast 8
Expression and the Score 9
Beginning to Play Expressively: Observing Melodic Contour 10
The Moving and Shaping Forces of Music 16
Attractions 17
Rhythmic Attraction 18
Melodic Attraction 19
Harmonic Attraction 20
Organizing Rhythmic Contrasts: Note-Grouping and Phrasing 23
The Figure 23
The Phrase 25
Defining Note-Grouping and Phrasing 26
Rubato 27
Upbeat Grouping 28
Downbeat Grouping 31
Summary 31
Questions for Review 32
Approaching Expression through Vocalization 34
Applying Note-Grouping and Phrasing 35
Applying Rubato and Dynamics 37
Further Application of Upbeat Grouping 39
Creating Mood and Spirit 42
Note-Grouping in Quadruple Meter 48
Summary 50
Pieces for Study 51
Introduction 60
The Cause of Performance Anxiety 60
Evaluating Your Situation 61
Regarding Technique and Memorization 62
Approaching Perform.ance Development 63
Performance Anxiety and Negative Concerns 63
Dealing with Errors During Performance 65
Replacing Negative Concerns with Positive Concerns 66
Summary 67
Beginning Performance Development 69
Before You Begin 69
The Practice Performance 69
Establishing Your Concentration 70
The Two Kinds of Performances 71
Developmental Performance Procedure 72
Approaching the Formal DP 74
Learning Effective Stage Conduct 76
Carrying the Guitar 77
Guidelines for Walking to the Chair 77
Guidelines for Bowing 78
Practicing a Formal DP 79
The Expressive Performance (EP) 80
Summary 81

81 pages


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