Fairbanks Curtis Electric Banjo


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This is a great, bright sounding banjo, with a tremendous amount of vintage mojo and vibe!

The “Curtis Electric”, which was named after Fairbanks’ son who was considered to be a prodigy on the banjo, is a variant of the slightly earlier “Electric” model. The Curtis Electric tone ring consists of a square brass ring, barely visible above, sitting on top of the wooden hoop. Sixteen brass rods extend from the brass ring to the spun over round metal hoop. The mass of the construction absorbs less of the vibrations of the skin which results in a bright and projecting tone.

It is in exceptional condition for it’s age. 2 tuners have been replaced. With the exception of the 5th fret star missing a tiny edge, the abalone inlay is intact and in great shape. The ebony fretboard has typical grain splits from age, but don’t affect the playing performance of this great banjo.

You will love this banjo!!

Mahogany Neck
Maple Pot 2 3/8″ in Depth
3 out of 5 original ivory cross friction tuners (with 2 replaced ivory cross ones)
30 hooks
Ebony fretboard
Circa 1890’s
Hard case included

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