Harmony Parlor c. 1930’s


Harmony Parlor c. 1930’s

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What a cool guitar! We believe this guitar to be from the 1930’s, maybe 20’s, and made in Chicago by Harmony. There is just a small portion of an inside label left. It looks like it possibly was one of the “Guaranteed” labels that were put on Supertone guitars of the era and sold by Sears, which were made by…Harmony. This guitar is very light and responsive and has a wonderful V shaped neck. The neck has been reset and the action is great at 3/32nds on the low e and 2.5/32nds on the high e. This guitar is pretty rare as it had a metal bridge which can be adjusted a little for height. (We have put a small wood strip under the metal saddle to keep it at this height. Didn’t need to, but with 80 year old screws and screw holes, why take a chance of slippage?) Also, the metal bridge itself has small dents and missing some paint. Frets are in nice shape, tuners work well. There is some warping to the top by the bridge, but not bad. It had a pickup installed, which was also removed, leaving a larger hole at the base, that we put a larger endpin in (pickup ready!). Repaired top and back crack, as well as headstock crack. This is a really cool and rare guitar that sounds great and plays well! Comes with a modern gig bag.

Solid spruce top
Solid back and sides (maybe birch, but we don’t know exactly what type)
Ladder braced
Ebonized fingerboard
Slotted headstock
Modern gig bag


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