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Kay Silvertone Archtop Guitar 1950’s/1960’s


Kay Silvertone Archtop Guitar 1950’s/1960’s

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Here is a nice playing and sounding Kay built Silvertone Archtop. Stamped with N-2, P-3 and L 5339 on the inside of the body. The guitar shows all the normal wear you’d expect, scratches, a few dings and some fingerboard wear, but nothing bad. The rosewood bridge has a slight tilt to it (towards tailpiece), and has room to adjust it down or up, from where it is now. Action is currently at 3/32 and 2.5/32, at the E strings, 12th fret. There is no pickguard.

The photo that shows wear on the top of headstock has what looks like wear to the back of the neck in the cowboy chord area-it’s not, it’s just a reflection of light.

The guitar does not come with a case, but will be well packed for shipping. Or, inquire about cases, which we have

Made in Chicago, circa 1950’s/60’s



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