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Pirles Long Neck Banjo – 1970’s with Hard Case


Pirles Long Neck Banjo – 1970’s with Hard Case

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Here’s a nice sounding long neck banjo that won’t set you back much. We believe this to be most likely Japanese made, during the 1970’s, but can’t say for sure. The banjo has a nice ring to it and is fun to play. It is in good condition for it’s age, with the following issues we know about: the 5th string tuner button was cracked and repaired; the neck has a slight bow to it; the first fret under the low string has been filed down so it wouldn’t buzz; missing 3 tuner gromits (which were ornamental anyway). Note: there is not an adjustable truss rod, the cover you see is simply ornamental. Those issues were all present when we got this banjo in. It is in good condition overall and comes with a hard shell case.

Circa 1970, made in Japan
Long neck
Frosted head
New Grover bridge
Hard shell case



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