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Roosebeck AFLC F#


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The distinctive, rich, clear, beautiful tones of the Native American Style Flute are both soothing and enticing to the player as well as the listener. This flute, in the key of F#, creates the deeper mellow tones most often associated with Native American Flutes. It is a longer flute, thus producing the deeper tones. It is tuned to a minor pentatonic scale, making the fingering easy to learn.

This flute is made in the United States and features a simple yet elegant design. The bird (or fetish) is abstract but follows the subtle forms of nature. The flute is made of cedar, the amazing aroma tantalizes your sense of smell, and the wood warms the tones as you play. It is created with traditional methods, and great care is taken to ensure clear, clean tones and proper pitch.

It is a six hole flute, measuring 24″ long. The outer diameter is roughly 1 3/8″, and it has a 3/8″ air hole. It is surprisingly, even intriguingly, light in weight.


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