The Art & Technique of Practice by Richard Provost


The Art & Technique of Practice by Richard Provost

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Author: Richard Provost
53 Pages

General Guidelines, Preparation, Technique, Memorization, Visualization, Note-Reading, Interpretive Practice, Problem Solving, Repertoire Maintenance, Developing Reading Skills, Developing Listening Skills, Practice Schedules, Practice Outline.

“Each chapter presents Provost’s ideas clearly, and will make valuable reading for the student. Teachers and performers will also find it useful to compare their own procedures with Provost’s.” -David Grimes, Soundboard Magazine

(on GSP 64 & GSP 108-The Art & Technique of Performance) “This two-volume set by Richard Provost provides valuable observations and advice on many aspects of practice and performance. Provost’s advice is codified in a form that will make for fruitful consideration or discussion. This is recommended reading for all. David Grimes, Soundboard Magazine

“This is an excellent text that can help students develop constructive practice habits. I would recommend using it.” -Kathleen Horvath, American String Teacher Magazine


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