The Banjo According To John Hartford – DVD 2


The Banjo According To John Hartford – DVD 2

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On this second part of his unique banjo lesson series, John Hartford once again imparts numerous ideas and a myriad of techniques for the learning player. He explains chromatic scales and teaches his famous “slide whistle” lick, which allows you to play ear-catching runs that will enhance any tune. You’ll also learn to add color and excitement to your banjo solos with John’s trademark “fiddle style” melodic licks, which you will learn to play anywhere on the fingerboard. Sally Goodin and Old Time River Man provide the perfect examples for this dynamic technique.

John provides words of advice for everything from using a metronome and a tape recorder for your practice sessions to detailed instruction on dancing while playing the banjo (complete with his “footlature” notation system. Among other topics he covers are licks based on diminished and augmented chords, banjo back up licks, pushing the beat, how to create “accidental counterpoint,” and how John writes his original breakdowns for banjo.

Some of the other instrumentals John and Chris demonstrate include Leather Britches (backup), Goin Back to Dixie, Cackling Hen, Annual Waltz, Your Tax Dollars at Work, Lorena, Boogie and Foggy Mountain Landscape.


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