The Fiddle According to Vassar taught by Vassar Clements


The Fiddle According to Vassar taught by Vassar Clements

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No fiddle player will want to miss this powerful DVD lesson! Vassar Clements’ superb technique and imaginative musical ideas are slowed down and brought up close to help you improve your technique, increase your repertoire and expand your musical horizons.

Vassar explores more than a dozen of his classic licks, showing how he uses slides, chromatics, double and triple-stops, slurs and boogie-woogie patterns to enhance a variety of tunes. You’ll learn some of his best-known original and traditional fiddle breaks and how he uses his earliest influences–blues and jazz–to transform ordinary bluegrass/country fiddle sounds into extraordinary ones.

You’ll learn to play Vassar’s awesome fiddle arrangements for classic tunes such as Avalanche, Good Woman’s Love, Listen to the Mockingbird, Lonesome Fiddle Blues, Windjammer, Orange Blossom Special, Down Yonder and more. Sit in on a conversation with his friend and accompanist Bob Hoban as Vassar reveals some “trade secrets” about pick-ups, bows, rosin, strings and other fascinating topics. He even gives a rare demonstration of flatpicking the fiddle in a blues-style improvisation!

90 minutes
Music enclosed


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