Unlabeled Dobro c.1930’s/1940’s


Unlabeled Dobro

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Here is a unlabeled square neck resonator guitar. We believe it is likely Regal made and from the 1930’s or 40’s. (Regal made a lot of Dobro’s instruments during this time.) The cover plate was widely used on Regal/Dobros of the time and we’ve seen this headstock shape before. The body has been painted black sometime in it’s life and the tuners have been changed to “Gibson Deluxe” stamped Klusons. (Note-since listing and taking photos, we switched the tuners to Golden Age ones. We did this because the Klusons a) tuned the wrong way and b) weren’t functioning properly)Due to the paint, we really can’t tell about other repairs. This guitar wasn’t built with the typical stick running thru the body. Instead, it’s neck is set in a block. Thus, the action is more angled, with the strings closer towards the nut and higher towards the bridge. The guitar was just set up and restrung and sounds great! Good used condition overall, with normal tarnish on the cover plate. This guitar comes with a hard shell case.

Made in Chicago c.1930’s/40’s
12 frets to the body
Spider cone/bridge
Gibson Deluxe tuners
Hard shell case


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