Unlabeled Open Back Banjo Late 1890’s/Early 1900’s


Unlabeled Open Back Banjo Late 1890’s/Early 1900’s


Here is a nice turn of the century open back banjo. It is unlabeled, so we can’t say for sure who made it or when, but it has some characteristics of Dobson, Lange or Buckbee and looks to be from the late 1800’s early 1900’s. It has a new Remo head and 5th string tuner. It looks like there has been replaced hardware as well. It is a fun banjo to play, that is for certain, with a cool mellow sound, with a great 25″ scale cherry neck! Set up with Aquila strings. It is in very good condition considering it’s age, with some metal being tarnished and the replaced parts as mentioned. It also comes with a hardshell case

Circa 1890’s-1900’s
Cherry Neck
11″ pot
12 brackets
25″ scale length
Aquila strings
Remo head
Hardshell case


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