Unlabled Flatback Banjo Early 1900’s


Unlabled Flatback Banjo Early 1900’s


This is a rather cool piece! Early 1900’s flatback resonator banjo, made in the USA. We are unsure as to built this, as there are no markings on it. It is in good condition for it’s age, with normal wear-tarnished metal, dye worn from fretboard, yellowed skin head and the normal nicks and scratches from honest wear, but nothing bad at all. Bright and crisp sound typical of this type of banjo. New bridge and low action. Nice, straight v shaped neck. No case, but it will be packed well for shipping. A cool vintage piece!

Maple laminate rim and resonator cover
Maple neck with dyed maple fretboard
Friction tuners
Made in USA, early 1900’s.


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