Music Folk’s rental program serves those who want to play a musical instrument, but are not yet ready to purchase one of their own.

We offer acoustic & folk instruments for rent: Acoustic & Classical guitars, banjos, mandolins, hammered dulcimers, mountain dulcimers, autoharps, lap harps and floor harps.

With some instruments, especially autoharp and lap & floor harps, availability cannot be guaranteed. Please give us a call to be sure.

Monthly rent for most of these instruments is $25 plus deposit except for floor harps

Floor harp: $60 plus deposit

To make your monthly rental payment, please click: Monthly Instrument Rental Payment

To make your monthly floor harp rental payment, please click: Monthly Floor Harp Rental Payment

In partnership with K&S Music Inc., we offer a wide range of instrument rentals for 3 month or 10 month initial rental periods, with option to renew the rental every month.


3 Month Initial Rental Payment 10 Month Initial Rental Payment Monthly Renewal Fee
Flute $59.10 $146.38 $30.90
Clarinet $59.10 $146.38 $30.90
Trumpet $59.10 $146.38 $30.90
Trombone $59.10 $146.38 $30.90
Snare Drum Kit $59.10 $146.38 $30.90
Bell Kit $59.10 $146.38 $30.90
1/8, 1/4, 1/2, 3/4, 4/4 sizes
$59.10 $146.38 $30.90
13″, 14″, 15″, 16″
$59.10 $146.38 $30.90
Alto Saxophone $128.92 $229.87 $43.91
Oboe $128.92 $229.87 $43.91
Piccolo $128.92 $229.87 $43.91
Soprano Saxophone $151.25 $298.17 $57.47
Tenor Saxophone $151.25 $298.17 $57.47
Single French Horn $151.25 $298.17 $57.47
Baritone Horn $151.25 $298.17 $57.47
Bass Clarinet N/A $704.77 $96.50
Bassoon N/A $704.77 $96.50
Bari Saxophone N/A $704.77 $96.50
Double French Horn N/A $704.77 $96.50

Initial payments are made to Music Folk Inc. All renewal payments are made directly to K&S Music. If we do not have the rental you desire in stock, we can order the instrument for rent. There will be no rental fee refunds or prorating for early returns.


K&S Music offers two methods of applying rental payments to purchase instruments: You can use accumulated payments to apply to the rent to own price, or you have the option to make one lump sum payment to purchase the rental instrument. Contact K&S Music for more details at (908) 790-0400.

Thanks for your cooperation. We appreciate your business, and are happy to share our love of music with you. We hope we can assist you further in any of your musical needs.

Please call us at 314-961-2838 or email us for additional information.