Who Are We?

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Andy Ploof, owner
Don Ploof, owner
Matthew Carl, sales and repairs. Since 2010
Wes Jones, sales and repairs. Since 2011
Nick Pence, sales and repairs. Since 2014
Jim Sullivan, sales and repairs. Since 2018
Bill Hopkins, guitar, classical guitar, and ukulele instructor. Since 2001
Blake Korte, dobro, mandolin and guitar instructor. Since 2019
David McNair, violin/fiddle, guitar and mandolin instructor. Since 2016
Dennis Segall, guitar, bass, mandolin instructor. Since 1997
Graham Curry-Guitar, fiddle and mandolin instructor. Since 2020
Heather Manley, ukulele instructor. Since 2017
Mike Aehle, bluegrass banjo instructor. Since 2016
Mike Saputo, clawhammer and bluegrass banjo instructor. Since 1989
Tom Maloney, guitar and bass instructor. Since 2005

Al Puknat, mountain dulcimer and guitar instructor.

Carole O’Brien, hammered dulcimer instructor.

Donna Woerth, hammered dulcimer instructor.