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Virtuoso Premium Polish is a superior musical instrument care product specially developed for vintage guitars and other musical instruments. Vintage instruments with nitrocellulose lacquer finishes require more care and attention than modern polyurethane finishes that are being produced today.
The polish is different than any other polish or cleaner that you may have used with your musical instruments in the past. Virtuoso Premium Polish is more of a protection product. During an application the polish seals your finish with a strong glaze that helps slow down the oxidation of your finish and protect the color of the wood or the pigment in the painted or stained finish with an inherent UV filter.
This will help your musical instrument look new longer or help keep your vintage musical instrument from fading. This glaze is also fingerprint resistant, allowing you to go weeks or months without another application. Simply get a clean cloth and wipe your instrument to restore the brilliant luster.
Both the Virtuoso Premium Polish and Virtuoso Premium Cleaner use a chemical reaction to break down residues. We do not use abrasives, which can harm the original finish of your instruments.


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