Leela & Ellie Grace In Concert — June 19, 2004

As part of the Grace Family, we’ve seen Leela & Ellie grow as performers over the years. Now that they’ve branched out on their own, we wanted to bring them to town so others could see what they’re up to now. Their satisfying blend of old time, folk, and original compositions, pleased everyone here. Their tight harmonies and easy stage presence made the evening even more special.
  Songwriter Rich Simmons opened the show with several tunes from his upcoming CD.
  Leela & Ellie have a great sense of humor and had the audience charmed from the very beginning.
  Leela’s songs took front and center in the first set.
  In the midst of some very sweet harmony…
  Ellie told us that she experienced writer’s block for several years. She shared a couple of her newest songs since her breakthrough.
  Leela & Ellie closed each set with a dance number.

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