Songwriter Night 4 — November 13th, 2004

For this Songwriter Night we had something a little different – instead of the usual solo performers, we hosted two groups. We had the trio Salt of the Earth (they have since added a fourth member), headed up by Lynne Reif, and the duo Gloria & Mike Bauermeister, one-half of the group Augusta Bottoms Consort. (We apologize for the lack of concert pics, they were erased by mistake. Still getting used to the digital world.)
  Described as “A roots group with a straightforward and unassuming style, a sound that is stripped down to its core, and songs that come straight from within,” Salt of the Earth formed early in the spring of 2003. Performing this evening were Lynne Reif, Mike Schrand and Doug Carson. They put on a good show, the group fitting very well with Lynne’s contemporary acoustic originals. You can find more about Salt of the Earth at
  Their songs have a more traditional feel musically and lyrically, but Gloria and Mike each have his or her own style making the performance a great mix of songs from quiet and reflective to humorous and irreverent. Find out about them here.

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