Pete Huttlinger Concert and Workshop


February 5th and 6th, 2005

Pete Huttlinger visited us and gave a wonderful concert of fingerstyle music, performed with exceptional technical ability. We are always grateful to have musicians of such skill and personable nature play at Music Folk

  Sitting or standing, playing his own compositions or arranged covers, Pete blew everybody away with his ability. Pete also made a point of telling some great stories while playing as well.  

The following day, Pete came back to give a workshop on his technique, arrangements, and Collings guitars. Special thanks to all of the good folks at Collings who helped sponsor the event.

  Pete explained some of the finer points of his technique, philosophies on practicing, and details about his current guitar setup. Everyone in attendance commented on his concise and thoughtful instruction.


The second half of the workshop included audience participation. Here, Pete is explaining syncopation, and how to breakdown a rhythm for easier practice.  

Music Folk continues to be a venue for some of the most exciting acoustic acts in the country. To find out about other upcoming concerts and workshops, check out our events page, call us at (314) 961-2838, or email us.

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