Songwriter Night 6– May 21st, 2005

Music Folk saw another great evening of original songs in the Songwriter Night series. We hosted Terri Langerak, Chris Johnson and John Wendland.
  Listening to a harmonica break.
  RFT says “Johnson plays well, but his music is rarely pretty: his worn, almost Tom Waitsian voice spades through earthy, witty songs, and his banged up but beautiful Gibson rings with a raw thwack and sting that may hail from the blues but also sounds like nothing else in town.” He didn’t have his trusty Gibson but his playing still had a lot of punch. He’s got a good CD out called
  Terri’s songs displayed how much the harp is a part of her writing.They are a fascinating mix of folk harp tradition and contemporary styles, especially blues.

  Most of the songs John performs solo are songs that his group Rough Shop also plays. Solo shows give people a chance to hear some great lyrics with just the guitar backing them up.

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