Music Folk Concert Series-2008


The Music Folk Concert Series started this year with a bang with Auset (she celebrated her birthday the same night), had a wild night with the Ginn Sisters and heard some of the best bluegrass out of Chicago, (YEA, THAT’S RIGHT CHICAGO) with The Henhouse Prowlers.

So far it’s been a pretty good year and we can’t wait to see all the talented musicians still to come.

So check back often, we will update photos through out the year.

From top: Auset, Colin Blair, The Ginn Sisters, Sandy Weltman and Hot Club Caravan, The Henhouse Prowlers, Farshid Etniko, Salt of the Earth, Ben Bedford, Prairie Soul, Ottoman Underground, Kevin Bilchik with R. Scott Bryan, Noah Earle, Mark Dvorak, Ricko Donovan and Michael Kelsey.

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